About Us


Prosperity begins with a Mahindra vehicle. From the rugged build and low cost of maintenance to the powerful yet fuel efficient engine, every Mahindra vehicle is built to help you earn more. A flat bed cargo box and customized modifications also mean that these vehicles are tailored to suit your needs. So no matter what you deliver - bakery products, soft-drinks, flowers, vegetables, fruits, eggs or even cosmetics there'll be a vehicle for you.

For Mahindra, it′s not just about selling vehicles it's about providing you with real transport solutions. Just like a true partner.

The company brings decades of experience to your advantage. The kind that helped it become a leader in the Indian automotive sector and a US $4.5 billion business group across the globally. Today Mahindra's combined sales of pik ups and 3 wheelers are over 7000 every month. Which means many happy customers and of course prosperous customers.