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Zameer Ahmed
Zameer Ahmed

Five months ago, a wheel problem in his earlier vehicle prompted Zameer to buy the Alfa. Today he is glad he made this decision.

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Alfa Champion FAQs

What are the key features of Alfa Cargo?

  • Largest and strongest cargo box for more load carrying capacity
  • Comfortable cabin ensuring excellent cross ventilation and effortless entry and exit
  • Longer wheel base for more stability and larger loads
  • Clear headlamps for better visibility

What are the dimensions of the cargo box?

1530 mm x 1400 mm x 325 mm

What is the power of the engine?

7.5 HP (CMVR)

How many gears does the vehicle have?

A 4 speed Gear Box with Reverse (Constant mesh)

What is the mileage of the vehicle?

Solely depending upon driving habits, traffic, road and load condition.

What is the routine maintenance required for the vehicle?

For your convenience & optimal usage of vehicle, the Service / Engine Oil replacement has been kept at every 5000 Kms. Lowest maintenance cost over the competitors.

How is the vehicle's pick-up?

Pick-up cannot be expressed in Number / Unit. This is linked with torque available at engine. For this vehicle, the max. torque is 16.7 kgm at 2200 to 2800 rpm.

What is its price?

To find out the on-road price, contact the dealer near you.

What are the terms of warranty?

Alfa vehicle has unique unlimited kilometers warranty for 24 months with 6 Free Services. This is highest for the Category.

What is the tyre life?

Expected tyre life is 25,000 kms, subject to proper maintenance / tyre rotation schedule is followed.

What are the finance options available?

Flexible options suitable for your needs are available with Mahindra Finance & Other Finance companies also. EMI will be worked out as per your convenience and paying capacity.

What is the battery capacity?

It is 50 AH.

What is the clutch type?

Multi-plate oil-bath type clutch.

What is the availability and average price of the spares?

M&M has 214 dealers and around 100 Service Centers equipped with all the parts. Price is at par with competitors.

Can BS I fuel be used for a BS II engine?


What grade of oil is to be used for the Engine and Gear box lubrication?

For Engine - CF4 - 15W40 / CI 4 - 15W40. Maximile.
For Gear Box - SAE 90.

What is the fuel tank capacity?

It is 10.5 litres

How can you reduce down time?

Each and every workshop is equipped with quick repair bays. Which will take care of your problem and help reducing the down time.

What is the life of the clutch plate?

The life of the clutch plate purely depends on driving habits. It can be enhanced by following some simple habits-

  • Never ride the clutch.
  • Always maintain a proper free play.
  • Never use half clutch.
  • Never allow the oil level to go down the minimum level.

Use clutch only at the time of changing gears and starting and stopping of vehicle