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Rajesh Mehta
Rajesh S. Mehta

Rajesh Mehta owns a hard ware showroom in Mumbai. His business involves transporting tiles, ceramics, and plumbing equipment on a regular basis...

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Presenting the New Mahindra Alfa Plus.

A vehicle that offers you the largest cargo box in it's class, the longest wheel base, more power and increased strength. Alfa Plus is the most trustworthy vehicle that is made only for your benefit. It also comes with the best-in-class 24 months warranty. These and many more features are the reason why the Mahindra Alfa Plus is called the king of 3wheelers.

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Mahindra Alfa Plus, 3 Wheeler Load Vehicles


  • Longest Cargo Box
    • A Cargo box of 1730 mm helps load more cargo in every trip
    • Over 20% increase in carriage of cargo volume
    • Increase earnings and profitability
  • Longest Wheel base in class
    • The vehicle provides greater stability
    • The vehicle offers smooth ride on rough terrains
    • Increased safety
  • Super strong Platform and thickest sheet metal in class
    • Helps you carry more loads
    • No sagging in case of overloading
    • Increases earning capacity
    • Reduces wear and tear
    • Offers new-like performance, years later
  • More Power
    • Higher engine torque
    • Robust transmission and longer gearbox life
    • Longer clutch life
  • More comfort
    • Large and spacious cabin
    • Ergonomically designed, comfortable seating
    • Fatigue free drive even over long distances and long hours of work
  • More Profit
    • High mileage, comparable to the best in category
    • Lowest maintenance costs
    • Longer working life of clutch and gear box
    • Reduced operating costs


Engine Type Single Cylinder Direct Injection (DI)
Displacement 436 cc
Maximum Power 5.52 kW @3600 rpm
Torque 18 Nm @ 2000-2400 rpm
Starting Electrical
Cooling Air Cooled
Front Coil Spring
Rear Rubber Spring
Shock Abosrbers Telescopic Hydraulic
Monocoque with cabin & cargo integrated
Constant Mesh, 4 forward and 1 Reverse
Drum Brakes with leading & trailing shoes
Bright Red, Turquiose green, Golden yellow, White, Dark blue
Gross Vehicle Weight 995 kg
Kerb Weight 490 kgs
Dimensions (Pick-up van)
Overall Length 3175 mm
Max Width 1460 mm
Max Height 1700 mm
Cargo Bed 1730x1460x320mm
Wheel Base 2165 mm
Ground Clearance (mm) 175
Track Width 1260 mm
Turning Radius 3800 mm
Tyres 4.50X10" 8PR
System voltage 12 volt
Battery 12 V 50 Ah
Alternator Flywheel mounted
Wiper Motor Rack type, Power operated
Fuel Tank 10.5 litre